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Is thing on? Jun. 9th, 2012 @ 02:55 pm
Is anyone there?
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Mar. 10th, 2009 @ 10:27 pm
i think i may re-enlist.

Movie watchin fool Jan. 9th, 2009 @ 12:01 am
I registered for classes!

Alright. I have decided to start using my new found free time to watch movies. Im thinking of catching a matinee of something tomorrow, who knows. Ill just freeball it.

Anyways, just watched Then She Found Me with my mom. Pretty good movie, i kind of hate Matthew Broderick and Bette Midler, but the movie was alright. I kind of wish i was colin firth in movies. Not in real life, just in movies.

I also watched King of Kong, which is a documentary about a classic competitive arcade gaming. This movie was amazing.

I also just finished watching King of California, which i think i liked too much, i felt like i was watching the best day of my life right before my eyes the whole time. Anyways, Evan Rachel Wood is now cemented in my hot girls list. Right with newly added Jenna Malone. I guess i am just on an indie kick for the moment.


So, the classes I registered for are Intermediate Algebra, Western Civ (post 1600), Intro to Philosophy, and American Literature. yay me. I gotta wake up early tomorrow so i can get my financial aid shit taken care of.

I really think Mark Millar needs to stop trying to get all of his comics turned into movies and actually spend some time writing the comic books instead. Kick Ass and War Heroes have to be the two most undependable titles out there. He's become too cocky i guess. I dont understand how comic book writers become such douche asses. oh well. I am gonna go read Joker before going to sleep and start The Walking Dead tomorrow while i wait in that huge ass stupid Financial Aid line.

Jan. 7th, 2009 @ 03:29 pm
"Greetings princess. It is I, Carlos the Dwarf. The dragon has been slain and you are free to rule your kingdom"

Just finished watching Freaks and Geeks today. Pretty good little show. It's no Wonder Years but it'll do.

"How to Lose a Guy in 8 Lessons" or "How I Wasted a Year." Jan. 7th, 2009 @ 12:56 am
Lesson One: Don’t date your friends. I probably should have already learned that one but what ever. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that bull shit. Dating friends is stupid, it doesn’t work. It ends badly and then you don’t have friend anymore. Then it takes years before you can remotely even be friends again. At the same time, friends should be nice to each other and understanding. Even if friend 1 is being a huge douche ass to friend 2, friend 1 should be understanding that maybe friend 2 is having a really difficult time dealing with an overall shitty situation. This should work in both directions, friend 1 should also be understanding. Cause that’s what friendship is. Like the saying, “That’s what friends are for.” Or obviously, the two people were never nearly as good of friends as they thought.

YEARS! A few months of a stupid idea for years missing a friend you once had. Shit doesn’t make sense. Anyways, it’s all bullshit. I am going to wake up early tomorrow, get my financial aid and classes and shit taken care of. I cant believe how much I have put this off. I hate it when I get stuck in the Doldrums which is a reference to the fantasy toll booth. The Pussy Cat Dolls just performed on leno and I see what Julia was saying about Kimberly being the best one.

Lesson Two: Don’t dump or set your self up to be dumped on a holiday, especially when the recipient of the dump’s family is out of town. That isn’t friendly.

Lesson 3: Don’t get drunk and call your ex. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t actually end as well as it sounds. Likewise, don’t email your ex. Don’t contact your ex in anyway what so ever, because when they said that they still wanted to be friends, they weren’t taking into consideration all that might mean to you. They don’t understand what being a friend is. It’s safe to say that, the friend thing was a downright lie. Because, friend doesn’t meant what it meant before you started dating, it now means distant and empty. It means that you don’t talk or tell each other anything, friend means lets pretend we don’t know each other at all.

Lesson 4: If you want to make plans with the person you shouldn’t be dating in the first place because there is no way it will end well. Make sure those plans are within that month, cause there is no telling what the fuck is going to be going through that crazy fucking brain within the next couple weeks. Crazy fucking brain easily applies to both sides. Easily. No plans. Especially those involving money. If some one says, we can go no matter what, it doesn’t mean, “Be a bitch.” It’s not an open invitation for you to treat your friend like shit.

Lesson 5: Don’t exchange gifts. Just don’t. Don’t break up with some one at the beginning of the holidays and say, Oh by the way, I got you a Christmas gift. If you accept the gift, don’t immediately give it back. That’s STUPID!

Lesson 6: Don’t watch fucking romantic comedies by yourself at midnight after a break up. Don’t drink after a break up. Get over it and do something else. Watching romantic comedies is a horrible idea. Its stops being a romantic comedy and starts being a romantic shitty as fuck depressing moment. Don’t cuss when you talk to them, cussing just makes you a little angrier every time, then you end up even angrier then you would have been normally and the person wont know where the hell all the hostility is coming from.

Lesson 7. Don’t act like a little shit. Don’t be a whiney bitch. Don’t listen to music you used to listen to go. Don’t accidentally let the words “I miss so and so” slip in conversation with friends who don’t care or are tired of hearing about it. They don’t care and neither should you. Fill your time with something else, go out to eat with people you haven’t talked to in a while. Don’t read their blog, don’t try and see what theyre doing online, its pathetic and will just make you feel like shit.

Lesson 8, final lesson: Don’t blog about it. NEVER EVER Blog about it. Especially don’t wait until more then a month later to blog about it. After you haven’t mentioned it once online. That’s like rubbing a dogs nose in its own shit 3 days later. Because they have the decency to act like nothing ever happened, hell, most of their friends probably don’t even know you guys dated from May ( I think ) to November. If their friends don’t know you’re dating, you probably aren’t really dating anyways. I think Chris Rock said something about that.

these lessons apply to both sides. Many to most of these mistakes are my own. Sorry for the typos.
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If Chris Isaak is dead, who the shit is drawing 9th Wonders? Is this something they will reveal later? Am I suppose to assume that he drew that much of a comic before he died, 2 seasons ago? This seems to me like a huge plot drop in the case of heroes. I hope they explain it.

Also, the first time they have mentioned the eclipse giving them their powers was in the "Next time on" at the end of the episode and I guess Mohinder insinuated it in this episode. What the fuck? I know it started out with an eclipse in the first episode and when Hiro went back in time there was an eclipse, but i mean, seriously, letting the "next time on" narrator actually delineate the information? i am just not buying it.

This show sucks more and more every time i watch it.

I mean, jesus christ, did they just so happen to find another comic book illustrator who can see the future as it pertains to Hiro Nakamura?
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